Port Of Numana 

General Data


Dock Services


Situated along the Adriatic coast and in the heart of the Regional Conero Park, that of Numana is a port specially reserved for yachting.

Protected by two docks and a cliff running parallel to  the beach, the port also includes two cement 20-metre-long piers.

The area between the northern dock and the southern one is equipped with a long quay and some piers.

Boats can enter and go out of the port through its southern mouth. On the contrary, the northern entrance is not accessible.

Berths are managed by different bodies, including the City Hall of Numana, such as:

        - S. Massaccesi Yacht Club: 94 berths in the northern area.

  • Linesmen: 3 piers, in addition to a slipway and a boat storage area
  • Lega Navale Italiana (LNI): 70 berths located on two different piers
  • Ferrymen and fishermen: no-recreational associations


Port services

  • 60 multi-service columns
  • Filling station (at the southern entrance of the port) with 3 different tanks. A 15,000-litre fourth one is currently under construction (Among the ports in the Marche region, this is the only one existing south of Ancona until San Giorgio)
  • Green area inside the port
  • 12 toilets