Varenna Rova Grande - Lake Como 

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With its stone docks and well-sheltered from all winds, the harbour of Varenna Riva Grande offers 15 berths on Lake Como. A mooring dock is situated outside the harbour basin and can receive 4 boats. Fishing boats, on the contrary, can dock at the so-called "Riva Grande" pier.

Because of the small sizes of the structure, manoeuvres can be really hard inside the dry dock. Approaching in case of big boats is not recommended. Public navigation means have priority over private boats, even if sailing ones; please be careful to the insidious waves generated by transiting ferries.

The mouth of the port is signaled by two lights: a red and a green one. During the day, the bell tower and the top of Vezio Castle can be taken as a reference point if you come from the North. If, on the contrary, you come from the South, the village of Varenna is cospicuous. Please be careful to the low bottoms near the mouth of river Esino, signaled by an orange light placed on a pole. Other low bottoms are near the point which protects the anchorage used by ferries leaving from the South. Especially in the afternoon , breezes from the second and third quadrant can reach up to 10 knots. Strong winds with variable direction are frequent in case of storms.

The marina raises near the historic centre of Varenna, where you can easily find lots of souvenir shops, bars and rest stops. Varenna is a nice fishing village situated near the mouth of river Esino. It is a web of narrow alleys running to the lake, where houses reflect in the water. Located on the shores of Lake Como, Varenna faces Bellagio, which can, in its turn, reached by ferry. North anfd south of the town there are Villa Cipressi and Villa Monastero respectively.

In the surroundings, you can visit the nice hamlet of Fiumelatte, named after the white foam of the stream flowing only in spring from a grotto before flowing into the lake. Over Varenna, there's Esino Lario, from which you can reach Vezio Castle, the tower of a Medieval fortress, once home to Teodolinda, the Queen of the Lombards.