Marina Portolabieno - Lake Maggiore 

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Where to dock on Lake Maggiore, Lombardy

Portolabieno is a tourist port near Lake Maggiore, situated in the municipality of Laveno, north of the gulf.

The harbour consists of some floating piers equipped with 4 different types of quay according to boat sizes and 160 berths (some of which are reserved for transiting boats) for both sailing and motor boats ranging from 6 up to 14 m. 

The port raises within the Gulf of Lavano. This is why it is well-sheltered from northerly wind. Moreover, it is protected by an external dock which shelters it against north-estern winds, in addition to the so-called Laverno Dock.

In and out of the port there are no low sea bottoms. The inner basin is navigable during all the year. Filling stations are available in the municipalities of Intra, Verbania, Caldé and Fondotoce.