Port Of Lierna Grumo - Lake Como 

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The port in the municipality of Lierna has replaced the old harbour, once considered as the main reference point for boats sailing on Lake Como. The port consists of two floating piers with a total of 50 berths for boats of all sizes. The public area is near the shore while the private one overlooks the lake. The old port has a cement breakwater and can receive 19 boats. A wide multi buoy mooring terminal, on the contrary, raises in the hamlet of Castello, where a pier can receive transiting boats up to 4 hours.

The whole area is subject to afternoon breezes coming from the 3rd and 4th quadrant. The so-called Menaggino wind (a west wind) can often reach the lake in case of storms. The old port hosts an imposing seminary built above the dockland, while the new harbour is easily recognizable if you come from the South. If, on the contrary, you come from the North, you have to pass through the resitential area of Grumo before seeing it. The multi buoy mooring terminal in Castello is conspicuous while approaching from the South; from the North, on the contrary, the prominent point is the castle itself.

The village of Lierna is named after the Latin hibernare which clearly refers to the mind climate of the area. The municipality includes three different hamlets: Grumo on the South, Castello and Bancola on the North. The main tourist attractions are St. Ambrose's Church, the Roman church dedicated to St. Mauritius and Lazarus in the small village of Castello, north of Lierna.

Lierna also offers the nice beach of Riva Bianca, one among the largest bathing beaches of Lake Como, featuring white stones. If you love trekking and the mountain in general, you can't miss the Wanderer's Path, which links Lecco to Colico, passing through Lierna.

Lierna is well-nown for its excellent white and rosé wines. The local culinary tradition offers the typical misultin and polenta.