Centro Nautico Garlate 

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Situated south of Lake Como, Centro Nautico Garlate is a private landing port situated on the shores of the namesake lake.

The nautical centre, founded in the 60's, was divided in two different boat storage areas in 2010, called Ares Marine and Nautica Fumagalli. The first shipyard offers 75 berths, 20 of which are located in the dry dock. The second one, on the contrary, can receive 50 boats with a draft ranging from 1.50 to 5 m and a maximum length of 14 m. In particular, 24 berths situated on the dry dock can accomodate boats up to 10 m.

Both the two shipyards offers storage services for any kind of boat and a qualified staff available for engine repairs, in addition to new and used boats for sale. Moreover, the whole structure provides its guests with drinkable water, electric charging columns (220 V) and filling stations.

The lake has a 44 km² basin whose maximum depth reaches 34 m. The bottom is essentialy made up of sediments. Its affluents are the stream Bione and river Adda which, as an emissary of Lake Como, immediately becomes an affluent stream of Lake Garlate. Yachtsmen sailing on the waters of the lake mustn't exceed 20 km/h.

The nautical centre provides its guests with a coffee bar, a restaurant and a large car park. The lake is a very appreciated destination amongst rubber boat and kayak owners.

Garlate is part of the Northern Adda Park, a very interesting natural reserve.

Recreational and professional fishing is regulated by some specific directives issued by the Province of Lecco which define modalities and timing of the activity during the year. Underwater fishing is, however, forbidden throughout the area while sports competitions are allowed only in some municipalities.

The shores of the lake have been the object of a long controvery concerning the eventual enlargement of the port area: the grant which, in 2012, authorized the construction of a service area equipped with cranes and a floating pier was cancelled in 2014 because some typical local rushes were damaged.

The lake of Garlate is famous thanks to Manzoni's "The Betrothed", since it was the birthplace of Renzo Tramaglino and background of his vicissitudes after his escape from Milan.

Its shores offer a wonderful view on Regesone and Barro mountains in addition to the city of Lecco, situated withing a 10-minute driving distance. Bellagio, a well-known destination on Lake Como, can be reached both by car (40 minutes) and boat ( about 2 hours).

Starting from Garlate, a nice cycle path leads to the lakes and the beautiful Trezzo.