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Located in the municipality of Città dei Fiori, along the coast in the province of Imperia, Portosole Sanremo is a well-equipped marina built and inaugurated in late 70's.

Located between the harbour of Sanremo and Punta San Martino, it enjoys an excellent position along the Riviera dei Fiori.

Together with Marina degli Aregai, located in the municipality of Santo Stefano a Mare ( 3 miles far) and Marina di San Lorenzo al Mare, located in the namesake municipality (8 miles far), the marina of Portosole is part of Cozzi-Parodi Group, a group of societies which deals with real estate, hotels and civil constructions.

Sheltered by a long inner breakwater and consisting of nine docks and a floating pier, the marina can receive 804 boats up to 90 m.

Sea bottoms are muddy and sandy and they reach a depth from 2.50 up to 7 m.

The marina provides its guests with a continuous mooring assistance service, drinkable water, electricty, wachtmen, videosurveillance, weather reports, in addition to toilets, showers, scuba divers, a laundry and a waste and sewage collection service.

The area is well-sheltered against almost all winds but you'd better to be careful in case of eastern winds.

The boatyard of the marina is equipped with a slipway, two travelifts with a maximum range of 30 tons, a crane (up to 750 tons) and many garages.

Furthermore, the marina offers a filling station providing with patrol and diesel.

Marina Portosole Sanremo is also an important tourist attraction with many services and facilities, such as a brokerage agency, two boatyards, some nautical agencies, two sailing shools, a boat laundry, some chandler's shops in addition to a restaurant, two coffe bars, a car wash, a spa and two bike rental centres.

A new project envisages the construction of a new 5-star-hotel and a shopping centre.

In the surroundings, you can easily find a drugstore, some hotels, gardens, restaurants, supermakets and a railway station.

About 2 km far from the marina there's the famous Hotel de Paris, a luxury 4-star hotel, part of Cozzi-Parodi Group.

Moreover, Sanremo is the starting point of a long cycle path which runs along the coast.

Thanks to its strategic position, Portosole Sanremo is an excellent starting point to visit many tourist places both in Italy and Cote d'Azur.

The harbour of Mentone, for example, is just 33 km far.

Finally, the marina hosts Tethys Institute, an institution which studies Mediterraean cetaceans.