Port Of Santa Margherita Ligure 

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With its particular horsehoe shape, the harbour of Santa Margherita Ligure was built in the 19th century by Camillo Benso for safety reasons.

Today, the structure is one among the most prestigious ports of Liguria.

It can receive any kind of boats and ships, including luxury mega yachts, fishing boats, sailing boats and even cruise ships.

The structure

The harbour consists of a breakwater hosting six quays and 8 floating piers.

  • Quays Vivaldi and Cagni: area reserved for transiting boats and managed by the City Hall
  • Quay Rizzo: area reserved for transiting boats and partially managed by the Port Authority. This area is also equipped with a 12-metre-pier
  • Seno di Corte: harbour area equipped with 8 floating piers for boats up to 12 m (piers are managed by different private societies).

At the entrance of the harbour, please keep a distance of 100 metres from the edge of the breakwater.

In autumn and spring, the structure hosts several sailing competitions.