Oneglia Harbour 

General Data


Dock Services


Located east of Maurizio Port, Oneglia Harbour is a commercial port composed by two basins: the first is equipped with a short quay, while the second is entirely covered by a long quay. The harbour is shleltered by two docks: new Molo Corto (short dock) is extends south of Impero river's mouth for about 200 metres, while the second one, called Artiglio II, extends towards South-West.

The sea bottom is muddy, with a depth which varies from 1.50 up to 8.50 m.

The harbour offers 100 berths, 10 of which are exclusively reserved for transiting boats up to 15 m. The so-called Ocean Quay, on the contrary, can receive commercial vessels up tp 100 m. There is also a tourist area, exclusively reseverd for large commercial yachts.

Oneglia Harbour is exlusively reserved for commercial traffic and local fishing boats. However, other vessels can moor here if authorized by the Port Authority. In this case, the maximum draught allowed is 7.30 m at Aicardi Quay, 6.50 m at Calata G.B. Cuneo.

Since it is not a marina, the harbour has no toilets, showers, laundry and all the other services normally provided by a tourist structure. However, since it is located in downtown, you can easily find many coffee bars, restaurants and shops in the surroundings.

Anyway, the harbour offers electricity, drinkable water, a waste collection service, a slipway, a mobile crane (30 t) and a travelift with a maximum range of 100 tons, in addition to a technical staff for electric, engine and hull repairs.

Before entering the harbour, sailors are required to contact Imperia Yacht, the society which manages the structure.