Imperia: San Maurizio's Harbour 

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The harbour of Imperia raises within the historic basin of Maurizio Harbour. It is one among the largest and most equipped marinas of the Mediterranean, with 1293 mooring places for boats from 5 up to 90 m. The area of the whole harbour basin extends over a 268-thousand-square-metre surface.

The structure consists of 5 floating piers and a large yard.

The so-called "Calata Anselmi" quay, once used by chargo ships, is now reserved for yachts.

Moreover, there are some fixed piers inside the new basin of San Lazzaro.

Areas reserved for recreational boats  

  • Quay Medaglie d'Oro

  • Calata Anselmi

  • Piers Passeggiata Aicardi

  • Fixed Piers San Lazzaro and Hall of the Sea

In order to become one among the most advanced marinas of the Mediterranean, the structure has been involved in a recent project of enlargement and modernisation in the total respect of the surrounding environment and the already existing facilities.  The project also envisages the creation of new hurban spaces able to lcreate a ore efficient link tbetween the harbour and the city, such as Hall of the Sea and a new Yacht Club, still under construction.

Finally, the marina has a well-equipped sandy beac, very appreciated by yachtsmen.


The maritime tradition of Maurizio Harbour dates back to the Middle Ages, when the town was already an independent municipality living on the olive oil trade over the whole Mediterranean. Despite its independence, the town was always under the influence of the near Republic of Genoa, at least until the occupation by Napoleon's Army. After its annexation to the Kingdom of Italy, the port was jointed to Oneglia and other surrounding towns to form the present Imperia.