Andora's Marina 

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Blue Flag since 1975, that of Andora is a municipal marina, run by Multiservizi Andora S.r.l., partner of the Municipality of Andora. It located east of the city.

The structure offers 852 mooring places for both motor and sailing boats from 4 to 20 m, all supplied with water, light and fire fighting equipment. The marina is sheltered by a long breakwater equipped with a quay, except for a 140-metre-long edge consisting of a cliff. Three cements piers raise perpendicularly to the northern quay, while seven floating piers are located near the old inner breakwater.

When entering the marina, please don't exceed 3 knots and remain in the middle of the channel.


  • Mooring assistance
  • 24 h/24 wachtmen
  • Underwater assistance
  • Pay laundry
  • weather forecast
  • Toilets and showers
  • Parking lots
  • Chandler's shops
  • Restaurants
  • Sports centres