Harbour Of Sestri Levante 

General Data


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The harbour of Sestri Levante consists of two piers and a dock which extends for about 250 metres northwards. One of the two piers is located near the dock, while the other is north-west of the maritime office and it is exclusively reserved for small boats.

The harbour is equipped with three mobile cranes (30 t) and a fixed one (3 t), a gararing area, toilets, showers and shops. The harbour can receive boats up to 20 m and with a maximum draught of 8 m.

Mooring places are 150, 6 of which are reserved for transiting boats which, in their turn, can only have a stern mooring. Yachtsmen can moor at the new quay, located between the old one and the breakwater.

Pier Adua is reserved for fishing boats and the launch of new vessels, while pier Margherita is reserved for tourist motorboats. Moorings are managed by Lega Navale and the local Yacht Club. Transiting boats can moor free up to 5 days which can become 10 if mooring places are still available.

Opposite the harbour, you can drop the anchor but on the condition to stay out of the structure. Anchorage is forbidden from May 1th to September 30th. Northern and south-western winds can be very insidious in the area, together with some rocks surrounding the breakwater.

From May 1th to September 30th also the entrance into the bay of Portobello and in the area between the moth of brook Gromolo and the breakwater is forbidden. Anchor mooring is not allowed here. Once you've entered the port, you have not to exceed 3 knots and ask the maritime authority for a mooring permit.

Boats can have a maximum lenght of 20 metres. If they moor at beacons, they mustn't exceed 12 m. The harbour is also equipped with a gas station, open from 8:00 to 20:00 but only in summer. It is located near the quay and it provides with gasoline, diesel and mix.

All quays are illuminated and the structure also offers drinkable water, scuba divers, weather reports, a parking lot in addition to a technical staff specialized in hull, engine, electric and electronic systems repairs.