Harbour Of Levanto 

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The harbour of Levanto is located in the eastern shore of the bay locared opposite the namesake town, in the province of La Spezia. At its entrance, a 6-metre-long quay is reserved for loading and unloading operations. Entrance is allowed only to medium-small boats and you have to pay particular attention to the shallows and rocks raising opposite the cliff and within the bay. In summer, the structure is enriched with some piers managed by the Port Authority or a specific company.

The harbour is open during all the year and it offers numerous and complete services. Mooring places are 60 in water and 400 on land. A gas station is 1 km far from the port while the structure provides its guests with toilets, showers, surveillance and waste collection. If you want your engine or hull repaired, you can reach a specific garage in Piè di Legnano, about 7 km far from Levanto.

The harbour is equipped with three mobile cranes (10 t) and an open-air garaging area.

Levanto is located in a very beautiful stretch of the Ligurian Coast, between Deiva Marina and Cinque Terre. Monterosso al Mare is 12 km far and it is an ideal starting point to explore the interesting National Park of Cinque Terre, which partially includes the area around Levanto.

The park extends over about 4000 hectars, from Levanto to La Spezia, including a coastal zone and a marine reserve. The coast environment is a typical Mediterranean one and the mountains of Ligurian Apennines overlook the sea and create a unique scenary.

The marine reserve extends from Punta Mesco to Punta Montenero. There, you can discover many incomparable animal and vegetal species and a wonderful nature.

The area is particularly appreciated by tourists from all around the world. Tourist ships sail this stretch of coast every day and at any moment. Consequently, finding a quiet anchor post can be very difficult.

Many ferries sail from La Spezia or Porto Venere to Cinque Terre every day. But Levanto, too, is a very picturesque town which still preserves the traces of very ancient human settlements, probably dating back to the Roman Empire. Many paths run along the coast and the mountains crossing breath-taking landscapes.