Port Of Diano Marina 

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The port of Diano Marina is located in the namesake town in the province of Imperia. Diano Marina is visible from a distance thanks to a high bell tower overlooked by a red dome arising in the middle of the town, between Capo Berta, Capo Cervo and Monte Torre.

The closest harbours are those of Imperia Oneglia, located 4.5 marine miles westward, and Andora, 4.5 marine miles eastward. The port of Diano Marina is open all the year and in summer it is enriched with three additional floating piers so that mooring places raise from 270 to 320. About ten of them are reserved for transiting boats, while two other ones are dedicated to professional fishing.

The structure is laterally flanked by two quays equipped with mooring places: the western dock is 110 m long, while the eastern one is 300 m long. All quays are provided with anchorage chains, water and electric charging columns. In addition to the three seasonal ones, the port offers 5 piers, two in the quay and three at the entrance.

At the entrance, we recommend to pay attention to the potential risk to get stuck because of the very low depth, even though dredging intervations are frequent during the year. In summer, there are also three transverse piers which can make entrance a little difficult.

In the whole area of the port, fishing is forbidden and the speed can't exceed 2 knots. The seabottom is muddy and low; in some points, it's even 70 cm deep and, inthe quay, the maximum depth reaches 2.5 m.

The maximum draught allowed is 2.5 m. Before mooring, you have to contact the local maritime authority.

Diano Marina is one among the most well-equipped ports of Liguria. In addition to all the typical essential services, it offers a crane with a 15-ton-maximum range, a gas station, scuba divers, waste collection, surveillance and garages.

The areas reserved for recreational boats are two piers at the quay and three floating ones in summer. Annual piers are 105 and 85 m long respectively. Please contact the administrative offices of the port for mooring instructions and to join the waiting list.