Harbour Of Bordighera 

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Located north-east of Capo Sant'Ampelio, the harbour of Bordighera is a municipal port. It is marked by a 260-metre-long breakwater exposed to North-East and a smaller one facing South-East both provided with a quay equipped with mooring rings and cleats. The harbour incudes six piers which, together with the quay, represent the area reserved for recreational boats. Another pier is, on the contrary, exclusively reserved for transiting boats.

While entering the port, boats must keep a distance of about 100 metres from the red light placed on the breakwater and mustn't exceed 2 knots. In case of winds blowing from the first and second quadrant, entrance is not recommended. The harbour is accessible from dawn to sunset and transit is free for at least 12 hours.

The structure provides its guests with electricity, water, a small slipway, a mobile crane with a maximum range of 25 tons and a winter open-air garaging area.

Located on the western coast of the Ligurian Riviera, about 20 km far from the border with France, Bordighera is the southermost municipality of the region, famous for its baths and flower farming. The city hosts the library-museum "Clarence Bicknell" which, in its turn, houses the seat of the International Institute of Ligurian Studies. The old city hosts May Magdalene's Church ( XVII century) and St. Bartholomew's oratory.

We also suggest a visit to Sasso, an ancient fortified village built over a rock, characterized by many houses-towers and the remains of an old city wall. In the surroundings, Dolceacqua is famous for the production of Rossese wine and its castle. Vallebona is an old fortified village located 5 km far from Bordighera.

The beaches of Bordighera are made up of rocks and stones. In the clear blue sea, you can surf or enjoy water ski, scuba diving anf wakeboarding.

Considering the close proximity to both France and Piemonte, the culinary tradition of the city is clearly influenced by them. Among the typical dishes, we remember dumplings with shrimp, baked borage lasagne, a-u tuccu maccheroncini, lamb with artichokes, kit with myrtle and balsamic vinegar, wrapped meat and vegetables and seasoned eels, all served with traditional Rossese and Vermentino wines.