Marina Porto Antico - Genoa 

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Marina Porto Antico is a complex composed by several buildings including residences, offices and shops. It is located in the heart of Genoa's Old Port, a few feet away the city centre and all the opportunities the city offers.

Inside the marina, a picturesque wet dock can receive boats from 5 to 7 meters; there, beautiful Ligurian fishing boats called “gozzi” and Genoan boats with a lateen sail called “leudo” are always moored.

All buidings were built in harmony with the surrounding environment. Here, a large parking lot can receive over 250 cars, while a 10-thousand-square-metre area is conceived as an extension along the avenues which link the harbour with Genoa Aquarium and Musuem of the Sea.

The marina offers several customer services, such as laundry, spas, supermarket, shipchandler, restaurants and much more.

Moreover, the customer can count on a very professional staff, always available to provide assistance to mooring and unmooring at any time of the day. The complex also offers electricity, water and free Wi-Fi.

The marina has a 24 h/24 guardian service and yachtsmen can even enjoy a luggage transport and laundry service, in addition to fire prevention, weather and batteries/used oils disposal service on quay.

The marina is just few feet away the very heart of Genoa, a city rich of attractions, such as the famous Aquarium and the Museum of the Sea.

Marina di Porto Anticois a well-sheltered port. Over 30 professional operators offer a high-quality "all-inclusive" service.