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Located in the easternmost shore in the Gulf of La Spezia, opposite Porto Venere, Tino and Plamaria islands and near the eastuary of river Magra, Lerici is one among the most beautiful towns of Liguria.

It has preserved its original medieval structure. Thanks to its bay, well-sheltered against libeccio and sirocco, and its proximity to Francigena road, it became a very important maritime and commercial junction over the centuries.

Lerici has always been a reference harbour for pilgrims travelling to Rome or even St. James of Compostela. The harbour has always hosted cargo, passenger and military ships.

What is striking in the landscape around Lerici and its harbour is certainly the castle which overlooks the harbour and the bay, once a point of contention between Genoa and Pisa.

The harbour itself extends from the castle through a 250-metre-long dock, two piers and a quay. Today, its hosts many fishing and recreational boats, most of which are stationary.

Moreover, there are some areas reserved for transiting boats, equipped with water and electricty and managed by Erix Sailing Club. These areas can receive both motor and sailing boats up to 12 m. Some mooring places are also available (only for sailing boats) at the piers owned by the Club and the buoys. The club provides guests with toilets, showers, Wi-Fi and even a terrace.

The dock is equipped with a coffee bar, a gas station and a scuba diving centre.

The town of Lerici, of course, offers all you need: having a walk along the dock at the sunset and tasting the typical Ligurian delicacies at one of the many restaurants existing here is with no doubt a unique and unforgettable experience.

Together with La Spezia and Porto Venere, Lerici faces the famous and wonderful Gulf of Poets. Together with the not far San Terenzo, these towns have hosted stars like Lord Byron and Mary Shelley over the years. Another interesting village in the surroundings is Tellaro, a typical coastal village, considered one among the most beautiful seaside villages of Italy.