San Felice Circeo 

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The territory of San Felice al Circeo is a wonderful palce rich of historic and legendary references. It is here that, for example, Circe tried to trasform Ulysses into a pig but then fell in love with him. This area was inhabited since very remote times, as shown by the remains of some prehistoric men found here.

The area is a successful environmental summary including a promontory, a plane, some mountains, a wonderful sea and Pontine Islands while the intense green of Circeo National Park surrounds the mountain.

The promontory is characterized by a rocky coast hosting, in its turn, a beach running to Terracina on its south-western side. Those who love boat holidays can use the small marina or reach Pontine Islands by a fast motor vessel.

The equipped and welcoming marina of San Felice Circeo becomes a wonderful postcard to admire when sat at one of the coffee bars, pubs and restaurants situated under the hill and near the sea. The marina is composed by a 580-metre-long outer dock and a 215-metre inner breakwater, partially equipped to receive recreational boats. In the western side of the marina, some fixed and floating piers, managed by Cooperativa Circeo I can receive 380 boats up to 20 m.

The area offer 35 different bathing establishments, all equipped with beach beds and umbrellas.

Scuba divers can dive up to 18 metres to admire the bronze statue of the Christ of Circeo, placed in the bottoms in 1992, or that of Christ's face right before the goat Cave. The marina offers the possibility to rent small boats to sail along the promontory, the cave of the Nativity and Grotta Azzurra, accessible only in calm sea.

The area of the marina and beaches has been declared "Blue Flag" since 2009. The “Blue Flag” seal is awarded to beaches that meet stringent environmental, safety and cleanliness standards