Roman Port (old Port) Of Ventotene 

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The Roman Port of Ventotene, also known as Old Port, has an extremely particular configuration since it seems to be literally hung on the mainland.

This particular configuration is with no doubt the result of its origin. The Roman port of Ventotene isn't, in fact, a natural basin but an artificial structure which was built by transporting around 60,000 cubic meters of original tufa stone. The result was the current artifical basin of the port, surrounded and sheltered by the rock, and with a draught of 3 metres.

The construction of the port must be included in the intense exploitation of the island at the time between the Republic and the Roman Empire. The work was probably finished in the Augustan time, when the city was annexed to the other imperial properties.

The entrance of the port faces East, ensuring this way an easy access even in bad weather and in case of strong libeccio and mistral winds. However, winds blowing from the first quadrant generate insidious undertows, while, in winter, north-east wind can make the exit manouevres very difficult.

Please pay attention to a large rocky shallows located at the entrance of the port.

The harbour offers 40 berths for boats up to 12 m. Longer boats can enter the boat only in case of particular need or emergency.

The port is always open but, before entering it, yachtsmen are required to contact the Diving Ciro Sub centre by phone to be informed about the real availability of berths.

The port offers drinkable water, electricity, fire-fighting systems, weather forecast, pilotage service, mooring assistance, surveillance and scuba divers. In the town, visitors will easily find a great amount of bars, restaurants, supermarkets and shops.

A ice dispenser is available inside the port.

The port is also equipped with a slipway, a mobile crane with a 50-ton range, an open garaging area and technical staff for mechanical, electric and technical repairs on wooden or fiberglass boats.

Berths are managed by different private societies, the main one of which is called "Diving Ciro Sub", open during all the year.