Porto Romano 

General Data


Dock Services


Porto Romano raises out of the mouth of River Tevere, 600 metres far from the left entrance of Fiumara Grande. Equipped with a central 150-metre-long pier, the marina reaches out over an area of 30,000 sq. mt. and caters for 200 boats from 10 to 45 mt, offering a personal assistance with highly qualified staff ready to satisfy the needs of their clients 24 hours a day. The services of the marina include:


  • On-board cleaning
  • Collection and disposal of waste, oils and bikge tanks
  • Filling station
  • Wi-Fi throughout the structure

 The dockland includes an assistance yard which extends over an area of 15,000 sq. mt, in addition to a 5,000-square-metre exhibition area for new and used boats. With a 30-year-experience and over 1,000 boats built, the yard can offer any type of assistance. In particular, it offers:


  • Travel lift up to 70 Tons
  • Mobile crane up to 25 Ton
  • Boat storage shelters
  • Joinery for wooden and metal boats
  • PRFV works
  • Technical assistance
  • Revarnishing service
  • Bottom cleaning
  • Mechanics and professional repairs
  • Hydraulic trolleys


The 10 mt high sheds identify Porto Romano boat services as the only Tyrrhenian dock offering a revarnishing service for boats up to 30 m.  Mechanics, carpenters, electricians and hydraulic experts guarantee a professional service. Next to the marina, there's the popular Yacht Club which extends over a 10,000-square-metre area, while, in the middle of the dockland, a Club House is the ideal place to relax in all seasons. 

The restaurant that faces the jetty, open all the year, offers fabulous fish specialities. The club is affiliated to Fiv and Fipsas and various types of events are arranged all over the year, such as the popular "Mancini Trophy" that has been running for over 25 years.