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A typical feature of inner seas like the Mediterranean is the creation of harbours where a natural shelter is enlarged with artifical facilities in order to create a tourist landing port. This is the case of the port of Sperlonga, an excellent harbour in Lazio.

In 1954, the first refuge for fishing boats was created in Sperlonga thanks to a financing of the former Ministry of Public Works, provided to satisfy the needs of local fishermen and yachtsmen.

Over the years, the tourist and recreational function of the port becomes predominant thanks to the quality of marine waters and the beauty of the coastline which includes the Ulysses' Riviera Regional Park, in addition to the proximity to Pontine Islands, just 30 nautical miles far.

The construction of the new basin took 22 years. The project was launched in 90's; the first application for a public concession for the enlargement of the structure was sent in 2001 but, after some inspections by the Court of Audit, the procurement was postponed for years until the works started in November 2008 following the designs of a young architect of Sperlonga.

The new harbour was completed in 2013. The result was an advanced port equipped with numerous berths and modern structures, all in the total respect for the environment. Thanks to the particular attention paid to its planning and construction, the port is well-adjusted in the surrounding wonderful landscape.

Two hydraulic links between the basin and the water supply coming from the nearby water sources ensure an efficient water recirculation and clear water. Moreover, the port is equipped with a bilge water collection system and a rainwater collection and treatment one.

Docks and floating piers are all equipped with drinkable water and electric charging columns. Waste from chemical WCs are collected in a specific collection point located near the filling station. Pay services can be activated with a prepaid card.

Some areas of the quays are specifically reserved for professional fishermen, transiting boats and Coastal Guard.

Boats are received under conditions of complete safety and the port offers a great plurality of services on land: administrative offices, reception, wacthmen, toilets, showers, laundry, a car park and a diving club which organizes courses and scuba diving excursions.

The municipality of Sperlonga has entrusted Truglia Tower, a watchtower built in the 16th century, to the same society which built and currently runs the port of Sperlonga in order to promote cultural events and environmental education labs. Next to it, visitors can enjoy kitesurfing championships, beach rugby matches, horseback riding at dawn or at sunset. Between the port and the achaeological site of Tyberius' Grotto there is Spiaggia dell'Angolo, one among the most beautiful beaches in Lazio according to Legambiente and Italian Touring Club.

In order to limit car traffic in the area, a shuttle service using an electric vehicle has been activated in the area between the new car parking lot and the harbour.

The port is made up of an inner breakwater and an outer dock which extends over 200 m in a north-western and south-eastern direction . A central basin creates two basins which extend over a 13-thousand-square-metre area, accessible through a 13x90 m canal. Colourful local fishing booats usually moor inside the old part of the dry dock.