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The port of Ponza dates back to the time of King Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, who succeeded his father Charles III and started the colonization and the urban development of the island in 1734. The project of the so-called "Bourbon forum" , of which the port is an integral part, was entrusted to the famous engineers Mr. Antonio Winspeare and Mr. Francesco Carpi.

Some hundreds of years later, in 2015, the city council has decorated the quay with some benches and plants which make the first approach to the island very pleasant. The old power station, once situated in the heart fo the island, was replaced by a modern one built far from the residential centre with all the environmental benefits that this can bring.

The St. Anthony's promenade, too, has been embellished with a pedestrian path running along the beach.

When all jetties are open, the port can receive 200-230 boats. After the departure of the last hydrofoil and until 08:00 of the following morning, boats can moor at the so-called "Musco" dock under the authorization of the Port Authority (VHF channel 16); moreover, yachtsmen can drop the ancor in a specific dockland. After the arrival of the last hydrofoil and until 08:00 of the following day, boats can also moor in front of Frontone Beach.

The inhabitants of the island are known for their warmth and friendliness towards tourists. Tourism, in fact, is considered as the main economic source of the island.

A great plurality of commercial services is available to meet and satisfy the needs of all visitors.

Pescainmareponza, for example, is the reference shop for fishing equipment and clothing. The Baguetteria of the port is famous for its creative baguettes and excellent specialities you can taste aboard. Acqua Pazza is a the reference Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant for all the celebrities landing in Ponza. And the island also hosts lots of pubs and night clubs offering live music and fun.

Ponzaestate.it and the local tourist office organize all the events which take place on the island in summer.

Mari, Bellavista, Santa Domitilla, Torre dei Borboni and Grand hotel Chiaia di Luna are the main hotels of the island, well-equipped and able to satisfy any need. Ponza Diving Center is the reference point for scuba diving courses and excursions.

On the island, you can rent a scooter or a little convertible to enjoy daily trips. As an alternative, you can use the efficient local public transport service.

That's just a taste of what Ponza offers. It's not by chance that the famous documentarian Folco Quilici considers it, together with Palmarola Island, one among the most beautiful islands in the world