Port Of Civitavecchia 

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Civitavecchia - Ports in Lazio

The port is divided in two different areas:

  • North Area: dedicated to commercial traffics, fishing and coastal navigation  
  • South Area: reserved for tourism, cruises and yachting

Protected by a long inner breakwater, the port includes an outer port basin, an inner port and a Roman dry dock. 

Better known as the harbour of Rome, it is a mainly commercial port and a strategic point as concerns the tourist cruise courses in the Mediterranan. Over the last few years, in fact, the passenger traffic has significantly increased. 

Areas reserved for recreational boating

  • Molo Lazzaretto: a 60-metre-long foating pier specifically reserved for recreational boats.
  • Roman Dry Dock: a 64-metre floating pier
  • Apollodoro Quay: 60 metres reserved for yachting.
  • 40 metres on a mobile pier managed by Ulisse 2000 Shipyard

The plans for the enlargement of the port of Civitavecchia envisage additional berths for 23 mega yachts ranging from 40 up to 100 m

Tourist services

  • Ferry to Olbia-Aranci Gulf
  • Ferry to Cagliari
  • Ferry to Porto Torres

The harbour of Civatecchia aims to become the most important cruise port of the Mediterranean.

Some historical details about the Port of Civitavecchia.