Marina Di Nettuno 

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Ports in Lazio - Marina di Nettuno

The marina is currently involved in an enlargement project aiming at the realization of additional berths which will certainly contribute to change the external features and appearance of the tourist port.

The marina was inaugurated on August 2nd 1986 and its construction was achieved to create a link between classical culture, that is the history of the ancient cenone situated east of Antium at the moth of river Loricina, and current culture, represented by a commercial context able to satisfy all needs.

Marina di Nettuno raises on a 3,000-metre surface equipped wit quays, 15 piers and about 1000 berths for boats from 6 up to 40 m.

Thanks to its strategic position and good weather conditions, the port often hosts sailing and off-shore races, national and international sailing championships.

The marina was awarded with the prestigious "Blue Flag" by the European Foundation for Environmental Education and the Environment Directorate of EU. The main strength of the marina is its shipyard, which provides guests with professional technical assistance (wooden boat repairs, design, planning, wood cut, boat-tarring and boat launch). The shipyard, always attentive to the needs of each customer, is equipped with: 

  • two travel lifts with a maximum range of 50 tons  
  • a travel lift up to 100 tons
  • A haulage pool up to 28 m, a slipway and a boat shelter. 
  • Water and electric charging columns and private car parking lots
  • A quay reserved for transiting boats
  • A large shopping centre with many shops.