Base Nautica Flavio Gioia - Gaeta  

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Flavio Gioia - A marina in the Gulf of Gaeta, Lazio

Just in front of the ancient village if Elena, once the maritime district of the city, and very close to the historic centre of Gaeta raises Base Nautica Flavio Gioia, a marina specifically reserved for recreational boats and super yachts.

Well-sheltered by the Aurunci Mountains (1500 m), the Gulf of Gaeta is considered one among the safest places in the Mediterranean Sea.

A video (Marco Polo) of Base Nautica Flavio Gioia

The harbour structure

Sheltered by a 200-metre outer breakwater, the port includes some well-equipped quays which can receive up to 250 big boats also thanks to a 7-metre-deep sea bottom.

15 mooring places are exclusively reserved for super yachts up to 60 m.

All berths are equipped with mooring posts.

The shipyard

The marina offers a well-equipped shipyard for a complete technical assistance, refitting interventions and boat storage shelters for both sailing and motor boats. In particular, the shipyard offers:

  • A travel lift (100 tons)  for boats up to 30 m and with a maximum draft of 4 m
  • Mobile carriages, (50 and 70 tons) used to move sailing and motor boats in the specific boat storage shelters
  • A mobile crane (16 tons) for engine unloading and unstepping operations, generally used to move small boats
  • A bunker
  • A slipway, for boats up to 5 m
  • Covered boat storage shelters (for boats up to 20 m;  120 m2)
  • Technical services for a complete boat mainteance and management.

Sailing school

The port represents an important reference techical basis for sailors, constantly used for winter training, national and international sailing races.


On the on line pilot book you can find all information you need about safe ports and anchorages