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De Jachtclub Schiedam was founded as an association by Hr. Dagevos, Hr. Melchers and Hr. Jurgens on October 22, 1927 as "Watersportvereniging Schiedam" in the port of Wilhelmina (also called "Oude Spuihaven").
Its objective was to promote water sports by conducting trips to clubs and organizing reciprocal competitions.
In 1928, the association also became the owner of the port and the buildings after they took control of Gebr. The roy Due to the financial crisis of the 1920s, it was already difficult to make ends meet and, therefore, it can be assumed that the first members of the association were wealthy people, such as doctors, notables or owners of sites. building.


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  • 1554110610360_Jachtclub_Schiedam_1.jpeg