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Santorini, the famous island of Cyclades archipelago, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in summer. Tourists and yachtsmen from all around the world love it.

Santorini is in fact a charming place, ruined - it must be said - by mass tourism which has standardized many shops and restaurants over the last few years.

Santorini is a volcanic island, or better, it is a volcano itself which has generated lotf of islands and islets over the centuries, as the dark beaches remind. The volcano is still active and the last destroying earthquake dates back to 1956.

But Santorini is not only disasters and tragedies: it's also an enchanting island rich of archeologic remains and beautiful frescoes, famous for its good wine and breath-taking sights.

Sailing around and inside Santorini, that is in the volcano's caldera (located between the main island and the western islets) is a very exiciting experience.

Don't be afraid: despite the caldera, the area is well-signaled in maps and there are no concrete dangers. However, many of you will remember Sea Diamond's shipwreck off Santorini (the ship got stuck into a volcanic cliff and two passengers died).

The only marina of Santorini, called Vlichada Marina, is located on the southern coast of the island. Be careful while apporaching the entrance of the harbour: two old breakwaters are still submerged in front of the modern harbour, one of which is slightly signaled by a buoy. The safest entrance is from West- South-West, but we recommend to take a look at the map before entering the marina.

Inside the marina, two half-round structures are protected by a new breakwater; boats moor inside or out of these structures. Finding a place here in high season is very hard.

The bottom is not particularly deep (about 2 - 2.5 metres). In terms of services, on payment of a tourist tax of about 20 euros, we'll you provided with water, electricity, tolilets and free Wi-Fi connection. Fuel and car/scooter rental service can be required at the restaurant located on the cliff