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Vathi is a long narrow bay on the western coast of Kalymnos Island. More similar to a fjord, it's a deep narrow curvy clove, flanked by high rocky cliffs, at the end of which there is the small village and the namesake harbour.

Vathi is a sort of reference point on the western coast for all yachtsmen who reach Kalymnos; the other ports and anchorages are in fact on the western or southern side, such as the harbour of Kalymnos, the main one with about 80 mooring places or Port Akti, a bay south of Vathi, which offers a well-sheltered anchorage.

Kalymnos is not the most popular among Greek islands but it deserves a visit anyway. Kalymnos is, in fact, a charming mountain bare island hosting the fertile wide valley of Vathi, where farmers grow fig, orange, olive trees and produce some typical products, like honey.

Kalymnos,  the island of sponge fishermen - in last centuries, its inhabitants fished natural sponges along the North-African coasts - is also famous for its jagged coasts and for being a windy place.

This is why Vathi has earned a certain popularity over the years; thanks to its narrow long shape, the bay offers in fact a good shelter from winds, even though gusts and southern winds often reach it.

However, Vathi's bay doesn't get along with the ferries which constantly transit just in front of it, by generating an intense wave motion, very annoying in the harbour.

Moreover, the bottom, made up of sand and seaweeds, has not an excellent grip, so you'd better to keep a distance from the quay.

The harbour is located inside the bay, in front of the small village of Rina and it consists of a long quay. Depth is a little more than 2 metres but mind the cement blocks which reduce it in different points and keep always a distance from the quay. In terms of services, there's nothing, just some water.

What to do in Rina? You can relax, of course, and taste some typical dishes at one of the taverns in the central square. You can also visit the wide valley just behind the village, rich of orange trees and, if you want, you can also visit the near villages of Platanos and Stimenia, which preserve some ancient archaeological remains.

The bay of Port Atki offers some beautiful beaches.