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A small island, a small port but a great shelter: this is how we can describe the port of Trizonia, a tiny village on the likewise tiny namesake island located in the picturesque Gulf of Corynth, in its western side, near the passage to the Gulf of Patras.

However, we quote it because it's one among the few ports of the area. Small but nice, it offers an excellent shelter from all winds and in almost all weather conditions, in addition to free mooring places.

Trizonia is a small island with little more than 60 inhabitants. A minuscule village, whose main attraction are the taverns along the promenade serving some excellent prawn dishes and some small avenues which twist and turn in the nature of the island offering breath-taking views on the sea. That's all.

Trizonia is located opposite the city of Glifada and east of the small Agios Ionannis Island, which serves as an additional shelter against winds.

That in Trizonia is not the only port of the island; in fact, just behind it, on the north-eastern coast of the islet, there's a small port generally used by fishermen; depth here is very limited and not particularly appreciated by yachtsmen.

Almost 20 years ago, the works for the construction of a modern marina started. The position is potentially excellent, with the Gulf of Corynth offering many attractions and the island being an ideal place where to relax and enjoy the silence of nature. Unfortunately, however, the marina has not ever been finished. Nevertheless, basic structures exist and you can enjoy them totally free!

Getting Trizonia by boat is not difficult; it's located north-west in the Gulf of Corynth, almost attached to the coast and opposite Glifada. If you come from South-East, please keep a certain distance from the islet of Agios Ioannis since cliffs extend for about 200-300 metres out of it. You will enter the port from South-West, after passing between two long breakwaters, where depth reaches about 5-6 metres. The bay and the port are excellently sheltered and safe in any weather conditions.

The only danger is represented by a wreck between the two cement docks which extend from the quay to South.

Once entered the port, you can moor in the inner side of the breakwater (depth: 3-4 m), in the external part of the western one (depth is 2.5 m), near the two cement docks or at the eastern breakwater but only if sea is perfectly calm.

As an alternative, you can drop the anchor in the whole well-sheltered bay hosting the harbour, where the seabottom, made up of ud and seaweeds, is about 5-6 metres deep.

Both the port and the village offer very essential services: water on the quay, some taverns and cafés in the village,  a small supermaket, some vegetable and fruit hucksters and waste baskets. You can easily reach Glifada and other places in the surroundings by taxi to visit more and do shopping