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Located west of Ios, Sikinos is a small wild island with no tourist attractions and services: no mass tourism, no night parties, no noisy motor means. In a word, an ideal place where to stop and relax.

The island has just two paved roads, many dirt roads, some archaelogical remains and ruins here and there and just two villages which count 300 inhabitants in total and two sandy beaches. Of course, there is no airport here.

However, you can rent a car or a scooter to have a funny tour of the island.

Sikinos offers a small narrow port. It's located in Allopronia, one of the two inhabited villages of the island, on the southern coast and inside a natural bay. It's sheltered enough by a small breakwater but not against south winds.

The small port is insidious partially because it's really narrow and with a low bottoms (2.5 metres in the entrance, just 1 metre between the western quay and the small dock) but also because of the great amount of rocks surrounding it.

Boats moor laterally in the inner part of the small dock or at the edge of the western one. The port offers no services: maybe, just some fresh water. The near village, however, offers some excellent taverns and a grocery shop.

If you don't find any mooring place, you can drop the anchor inside the natural bay opposite the harbour. Depths here vary from 1 to 3 metres but the bottom is sandy and safe.

As an alternative, but only when weather is good, you can choose the anchorage south of the small dock (depths here reach 10-12 metres) or the bay of Agios Georgios, north-east of Sikinos. This is sheltered only from north-west winds but, when weather is good, it's a really nice place where to stay at anchor.

Finally, on the eastern edge of the island, there is the Bay of Malta with its namesake beach. Completely open on its eastern side, it's not a safe anchorage in case of rough sea or strong wind