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Rhodes Marina is a modern well-equipped marina located in the namesake beautiful island and inaugurated despite the deep debt crisis which has affected Greece over the last few years. Even if not completely finished, the marina is open and it offers 382 mooring places (which, when works will be finished, will become 563). Only 10% of them are reserved for charter companies, which makes the search for a mooring place in Rhodes less utopian than in the past.

Rhodes Marina is located east of the city of Rhodes, just 2.5 km far from the city centre, south-east of the big commercial port of the city and a little far from the port of Mandraki, the only option for yachtsmen reaching the island before the new marina. The city centre and all its services are easy to reach by taxi (fares are affordable) or bus.

On paper, Rhodes Marina is an advanced port in all its aspects, especially for its surfaces. But reality is quite different since many areas are still under construction and, at the end of 2015, there were no cafés, restaurants, shops, gyms and any other services promised by the project; however, all that matters is that mooring places exist and work, together with toilets, laundry, surveillance, water, electric charging columns and wi-fi.

Getting the marina, and Rhodes in general, is not difficult; the only danger, if you come from North, is represented by low bottoms and some rocks in the northern edge of the island. At the entrance, bottoms vary from 5 to 6.5 metres. Each mooring place is provided with mooring ropes and yachts and big boats can moor laterally along the first half of the inner breakwater.

On the first northern dock, which forms the entrance of the marina, there is a gas station; until spring 2016 it wasn't open but it will be active in early 2017. Anyway, refuelling is possible through mini tanks. On the southern edge, on the contrary, there is a boat storage area, a slipway and 220 dry mooring places. Two travelifts (250 and 400 tons respectively) will be available soon.

As already said, the marina has no cafés, shops, supermakets, gyms and other services available at the moment, but they will certainly arrive in the next future.

However, each mooring place is equipped with water, electricity, phone socket and wi-fi. The marina is under 24 h/24 videosurveillance . Guests are provided with an electronic card which gives access to the piers.
And now, the sore point: prices. They are not exaggerate but certanly more expensive than in the other Greek ports. For example, water and electricy cost 20 euros, each cube metres costs 7 euros and each Kwk is 0.39 euros. Boats whose overall lenght is under 12 metres are considered as 12 metres long. For further information and to book, please visit: http://www.rhodesmarinas.com/main/page/berth_costs