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Pserimos Island is a small remote little-inhabitated island between Calimno and Coo.

It consists of just a single small village, which counst little more than 100 inhabitants, with no hotels and commercial services in the surroundings. Consequently, Pserimos still preserves its rare natural beauty and wild beaches.

Tourists usually reach it for a day trip and leave at about 5h00 pm, which representes an important advantage for all the yachtsmen who desire to spend a night in the small harbour of Avlakia, in the namesake bay.

Pserimos is popular for its wonderful beaches. For the rest, the island is a paradise of calmness: just three taverns, two little shops, no hotels or paved roads all around. 

Reaching Pserimos is not difficult, but be careful: Avlakia Bay is not easy to see if you come from South-West; moreover, mind the shoal and rocks off Cape Sphuri, just before the entrance of the bay. 

The bay offers an excellent shelter from all northern winds.

The small harbour offers just 5-6 mooring places at two cement docks. As an alternative, you can drop the anchor in the bay, where the bottom is made up of sand, seaweeds and some rocks. Depth varies from 3 to 6 metres.

We recommend to check your mooring frequenly because ferries and caiques generate very high waves about 3-4 times a day.

As regards services..... nothing: no water, no electricity, no fuel. However, you can find drinkable water in the tavers and a very welcoming people who certainly will help you in any circumstance.

East of the island, there is Vathi Bay, an excellent shelter from winds with a wonderful beach. If you want to buy something to eat, Avlakia is just within 35 minutes walk from the harbour.