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Plataria represents a comfortable useful stopover for all yachtsmen sailing near Corfù. Located in a natural deep bay, completely open on its north-western side, it can be easily reached from Corfù and all the other surrounding tourist destinations of the area. Since it offers free mooring places (only in summer, a simbolic tourist tax might be required), Plataria is very appreciated among yachtsmen.

However, it' s not neither a real harbour nor a real marina, so services are totally absent ad mooring places are very few, especially because most of them are usually reseverd for charter companies in high season. Moreover, the area doesn't offer many alternatives: the only well-sheltered anchorage is offered by the beach located at the foot of the village, but only in good sea and weather conditions.

Despite its position, completely open on its north-western side, the bay of Plataria offers a good shelter from all winds, even north-western ones unless they are too violent.

Getting Plataria by boat is not difficult. The only potential danger is represented by some sandbanks near Cape Kalamas off the northern entrance of the bay.

Once you have entered the bay, you only have to proceed to the port, located north of the bay and composed by a quay, a long breakwater and a small southern dock which marks the entrance of the small structure.

As already said, most of the mooring places are reserved for charter companies, especially at summer weekends; moreover, the outermost side of the breakwater is often occupied by fishing boats while the mooring places at the southern edge of the quay, near the small dock marking the entrance of the port, are occupied by tourist ferries.

Inside the small port, the best option is represented by the breakwater, where you can have a fore or stern mooring by dropping the anchor in the front space. The muddy seabottom is 3.5-4 m deep and not particularly safe. As an alternative, you can moor at the quay, where depth reaches 4 metres.

The small port offers just some water and electric charging columns. If you need some fuel, you can ask for a tank in the village.

If you don't find any place in the port, you can reach the beach south of the village but only if weather is good. Depth there is about 5-6 m and the seabottom, made up of sand and seaweeds, is a good holding ground.

The village of Plataria offers a greengrocer, a butcher shop, a bakery, some minimarkets, many restaurants and taverns where you can certainly taste some delicious fish dishes.

Plataria is a small village with about 1000 inhabitants which become three-times more numerous in summer, when tourists coming from all around Europe get it. The village itself doesn't offer any tourist attractions: the main one is just a wild charming nature which extends until the crystal-blue sea and a wonderful long white-sand beach