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If you are in Rhodes or Cos, don't miss the opportunity to visit the small Nisyros, a volcanic island of the Dodecanese archipelago.

The island is literally dominated by the volcano which has contributed to its history, shape and present appearance. The island has preserved its wild nature and old traditions.

If you like all this, visiting Nisyros is not hard: you can travel the few roads of the island by car or scooter; you can rent one directly out of the harbour of Pali, which is your destination if you decide to get Nisyros by boat.

In the past, the harbour (which is not the only one of the island; there's also Mandraki, but it is generally used by ferries and it doesn't offer a good shelter) didn't enjoy a good reputation since it was completely open on its northern side, so a potential "prey" of Meltemi winds in summer. Moreover, depths in the harbour were very low.

But over the last few years, a new breakwater was built and the harbour was provided with a good shelter from all southern winds. Even depth is not a problem any more, since some dredging works have increased it. So, Pali is a really nice place today.

Reaching the volcanic island is not particularly difficult: if you come from North, just avoid approaching to Gyali inlet, whose coastline is rich of rocks. We suggest you to enter the harbour from North, since in the bay east of the harbour there are some wide dangerous shallows. Be careful in case of strong wind. Moreover the entrance itself is rather narrow.

Inside the harbour, you can moor at the northern breakwater (about 10 places) or at the village's quay (about 35 places). Depths go from 2 to 3.50 metres. Each mooting place is provided with water and electricity ( fixed charge: 5 euros or little more). A gas station is located about 2 km far from the harbour.

In the village, you can find taverns, coffee bar, a sailing shop and some restaurants, where you can have some excellent fresh fish and sheepmeat. Always in the village, you can rent a car or a moto.