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The "queen" of Cyclades, Naxos is the biggest, the most varied and fertile island of the archipelago. In an area with just few anchorages, it offers the exception of a nice marina, with 80 mooring places and a sufficient services level.

Naxos is the island of the myth: Arianna is said to have been abandoned here by Theseus although she had helped him to escape from the labyrinth after killing the Minotaur. But later, Dyonisus arrived on the insland, met Arianna, he falled in love with her and he decided to marry her. The cult of the "drunk god" here is very strong, and the island is a good wine producer still today.

Naxos is a very fertile island, with green wide valleys and beautiful beaches under the highest summit which reaches 1000 metres. The city is also rich of archeological sites, such as the well-reserved shrine of Dyonisus, the ruins of many Venetian castles and beautiful monasteries.

The only marina - and the only harbour - on the island is located in Naxos, also known as Chora. The small city offers a fortress with a tower, an interesting Jewish quarter, an archelogical museum, in addition to the traditional patrimony of narrow alleys, white houses and picturesque corners. At the top of the island, the Apollo's gate welcome tourists.

The marina of Naxos is easy to reach but its entrance - which was built just behind the commercial harbour - presents some hardships. First of all, about one mile off the harbour, there is a wide reef which can be diffidult to see in rough sea. It is located about 500 metres off Cape Moungri; the passage between the reef and the cape is not difficult, so keep close to the coast.

Entering the harbour can be difficult because of some winds and currents but if you take the long breakwater as your reference point, you will enter the basin with no problem. The "new" marina (it was built about 15 years ago) offers a rather complete shelter: only with very strong souther winds, some currents can annoy. Noise and chaos coming from the surrounding roads, on the contrary, can be very annoying in high season.

Mooring places are 80 in total, each provided with water and electricity. Boat usually moor at the first dock, near the entrance, while fishing boats should avoid the main quay since depth reaches over 3 metres here. Mooring ropes are available but they could be too short for long boats; in this case, you will be obliged to use your anchor.

The marina is equipped with toilets, supermarkets, luxurious shops and over 70 restaurants. Fuel can be delivered in the harbour through a tanker.