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There is certainly no shortage of mooring places in the area of Athens but only few marinas offer the same number of mooring places as Zea Marina, a marina located in Piraeus, a city close to and practically implemented into Athens, famous for its large commercial port for centuries.

This port was born in 500 BC as a yard and refuge for warships; over the centuries, it then has evolved in what is today one among the most famous commercial ports in the world, the third one for the number of passengers a year. Piraeus is the "harbour" of Athens but, next to it, many other high-quality marinas have developed and attract thousands of tourists every year.

Among them, there's Zea Marina, completely restored on the occasion of the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004 and managed by a private society which also runs three other Greek marinas.

Its position is strategic, on the western shore of the bay of Athens and inside a well-sheltered natural bay with a very particular shape.

We remember that, in the Saronic Gulf, meltemi wind doesn't blow so strong as in other areas of Greece; it usually comes from North and rarely exceeds 4-5 Beaufort degrees.

When approaching the area of Athens, yachtsmen must absolutely pay attention to the intense traffic of the zone. The marina is, in fact, located just behind the main harbour of Piraeus, which means that any kind of ship sails, steers and drops anchor there.

In this stretch of coast, traffic is ruled by a TSS (Traffic Separation System), so please observe the directions and speeds allowed, both when entering and living the marina. In addition to big ships, be careful to smaller but fast tourist ferries and hydrofoils.

Once you've arrived at Zea, follow the two green and red lights placed at the entrance and contact the harbour staff on VHF channel 9 for mooring instructions. The port is, in fact, divided into two different areas: an external one, called Freatida marked by a long breakwater, and an internal circular one called Passalimani.

Zea Marina can receive up to 620 boats, which will occupy different places according to their size. Boats can have a maximum length of 80 m or even 120 m in case of lateral mooring and a maximum draught of 8 m. Services are all available in the linking area between the two areas of the harbour; fuel is available at the passage linking the external and the internal port.

Zea Marina is a small marina compared to other private ones; consequently, its services are no so numerous as the mooring places it offers.

First of all, there are no places on a dry dock neither maintenance services. However, there are some chandler's shops and garages in the surroundings and scuba divers.

Moreover, the marina provides its guests with fresh and drinkable water, electricity, toilets, showers , the possibility to refuel, cafeterias, restaurants and pubs.

The marina is under 24h/24 video surveillance.

For the rest, the marina is "inside" the city: so, you only need to go out of it to find everything, even a naval museum located just next to the entrance of the port. Piraeus is a living city, rich of shops, events and attractions.

Finally, the Saronic Gulf allows to sail well, especially in summer. Cyclades, with their typical white houses and breath-taking lanscapes, are not far