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Located on the southern coast of Lefkas Island, the bay of Sivota is a deep natural bay, whose entrance is located just in front of Arkoudi Island. The narrow entrance channel leads to the bay hosting the namesake village which is living an increasing growth in the last few years in terms of tourist flows thanks to its lucky position and beautiful nature.

All the bay is enclosed by green hills, dotted with some recent buildings, such as residences and tourist apartements. On the promenade, the village of Sivota offers a good number of coffee bars, restaurants and typical taverns, where you can test some excellent fresh fish or a drink after dinner or at sunset.

The bay is very appreciated by yachtsmen since it's well-sheltered from all winds. However, it offers just few mooring places in the small port of Sivota, located at the southern edge of it and equipped with a small cement quay.

Anyway, free anchorage is allowed inside the whole bay but be careful since the seabed here is not a good holding ground because of the excessive amount of seaweeds. Moreover, depth is very low near the coast (just 1.5 m), while, inside the bay, it varies from 2.5 to 3 m.

Another flaw of the port consists in the fact that bigger boats might have some troubles while mooring: mooring ropes in water are fixed to some mooring posts at just 10 m from the dock.

As an alternative, you can choose Yacht Bar & Pontoon, a little company which runs two mobile piers. It is located at the end of the bay and it can receive boats up to 20 m from May 1th to October 15th at very affordable fees. It also provides its guests with free water and electricity, in addition to the possibility to receive some fuel by tanks.

Inside the bay, there are numerous charter companies which create an intense traffic situation especially in summer. In late September, usually at the third weekend of the month, the bay hosts the Southern Ionian Regatta: finding a mooring place here becomes really hard.

Some charter companies offer pay mooring places at their mobile piers.

Sivota is a small village which offers, however, all you need: supermarkets, pubs, restaurants, souvenir shops and even two slipways.

As reguards tourism, the bay offers several beaches and small beautiful coves. Then, you can taste some delicious fish deliciacies at one of the many typical Greek taverns available in the village.

The tavern Stavros, moreover, offers a free floating pier, free water, electricity and fuel to its guests: you can moor there with the help of the staff before tasting one of the excellent fish dishes of the tavern.