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Located inside a wonderful natural bay along the coast of Corfu island, the main straingth of Gouvia Marina is its proximity to both the capital city and the international airport; plunged in a bauutiful landscape, it is actually equipped with all you can ask for in a modern marina. This is why it represents the ideal stop for anyone desiring to leave his boat for some days or weeks and take a plane to get home or another tourist destination.

It is located just in the middle of Corfu island, in a natural bay, used as ideal shelter by sailors since ancient times; its location is really strategic and allows an easy visit of the island, rich of fortresses, Byzantine churches and old monuments. You can reach them by a car/scooter/bike rentable at the marina itself.

Moreover, Corfu is rich of sandy beaches, especially on its southern shore. Anyone seeking for a relaxing moment will have the opportunity to enjoy an excursion in the green hinterland characterized by many olive trees and tiny picturesque villages. The marina is also an ideal starting point to visit Paxos and Antipaxos islands, south of Corfu, and their paradise beaches.

The port, originally built as a public one, experienced a deep restyling in 1996, when it was acquired by a private society which conformed it to the high European standards concerning nautical tourism, by increasing its mooring places and structures. Now, the marina counts 1235 mooring places for boats up to 80 m, many coffee bars, restaurants, shops and a plurality of nautical services.

The entrance of the marina is signaled by two green-and-red lights; boats have to contact the marina on VHF channel 69 for mooring instructions and assistance. The port is open all the year, 24 h/24 and its offices are open from June to October, from 8:00 to 20:00 every day.

Getting the bay of Gouvia by boat is not difficult, while, inside the bay itself, there are many insidious muddy banks. Please don't abandon the navigation channel marked by buoys to get the port.

Boats occupy different places at fixed and floating piers according to their length and draught ( the maximum lenght allowed is 80 m, while the maximum draught is 5.5 m). However, the only places reserved for transiting boats are located far from the entrance and offices of the marina: if you have a bike, you'll be lucky! All mooring places are equipped with water and electric charging columns (free 220 V, pay 380 V). Only the water provided by blue columns is drinkable. The marina also offers 520 mooring places at a dry dock.

As we already said, the marina offers a plurality of services: toilets, showers, pay phones, laundry, supermakets, port police office, ATM, a playground, a swimming pool, a cricket court, pay Wi-Fi, many restaurants and coffee bars, a gas station, a 65-ton-travelift, three cranes (65, 45 and 25 tons), a small crane (5 t), scuba divers and technical staff and garages for mechanical, electric, electronic, wood and sails repairs.
Free anchorage is not allowed inside the marina, except for emergencies. The same applies to the bay of Gouvia, where dropping the anchor is forbidden. If you want to saty at anchor, you can choose th bay of Ormos Kammeno, north of the Gouvia Bay. There, the bottom, composed by mud and seaweeds, is 6-10 m deep. However, the area is very crowded in summer