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Specifically conceived for super and mega yachts, Flisvos Marina is a luxury marina exclusively reserved for big boats from 15 up to 180 m, which can have a lateral mooring at a reserved dock.

Just 6 km far from the citycentre of Athens, the marina enjoys a strategic position in the Saronic Gulf, just at the foot of the historical city and close to the most beautiful attractions of the gulf.

It's a "big" marina in every way: large entrance, generous spaces, high-quality services. The original idea was to create a luxury port in a "lucky" area of the Mediterranean, able to offer a shelter to mega yachts and boats involved in ocean cruises (and not only). The project was fully achieved thanks to some huge investments and a precise choice.

Flisvos Marina was born in 2002 in the spur of the Olympic Games of Athens of 2004. A place where to receive super yachts which would have transit in the aerea was necessary and the old port needed a requalification. Thanks to some important investments (also by the Ministry of Development) it was possible to create a new super harbour, surrounded by a 3800-square-metre area dedicated to commercial and recreational spaces.

Its unique position makes it an ideal starting point to visit the city of Athens, with its wonderful citycentre, Acropolis, archaelogical museum and many other attractions which are well-linked to the port itself (the Oulen bus stop is located just near the entrance of the marina).

It's also an ideal starting point to explore this wonderful strecth of Greek coast, with its many islands and islets and wonderful beaches.

The only problem is that the area around Athens and Piraeus sees a lot of traffic.

The area is under a TSS (Traffic Separation Scheme), so contact the harbour staff before entering the port.

Moreover, the bay of Athens is often subject to strong southern winds which generate high and annoying waves. This is why a breakwater in the southern dock has been added over the last few years so that the harbour is now well-sheltered in any sea condition.

Flisvos Marina offers 303 mooring places; most of them are reserved for boats up to 30 m but there are some dedicated to smaller (up to 15 m) and bigger boats (over 70 m). Giant boats, up to 180 m, can moor along the southern dock, where depth reaches 12 m.

In order to manage entrances and mooring manoeuvres in the best way, the port has a control tower located in its northern side. The harbour staff speaks many languages and is well-skilled to magane any emergency, fires included.

All mooring places are, of course, equipped with drinkable water, electricity ( 220 and 380 V) and phone line. Moreover, the port offers free Wi-Fi connection, a helipad, a gas station, a first-aid station, toilets, showers, a sewage treatment station, waste, special waste and oils disposal, in addition to scuba divers and technical staff for repair and maintenance services.

The marina is also equipped with a port police station, a CCTV system and it is always under surveillance.

Parking lots in the port can receive up to 320 vehicles.

As we already said, a wide commercial area is located behind the marina. Here, six buildings house many shops, restaurants, commercial offices, chandler's shops, broker and charter companies.

The guests of the marina can address to a VIP reception to enjoy some exclusive services, such as technical assistance, helicopter and limousine rental, spa, special discounts at 5-star-hotels and much more.

Finally, you can enjoy jogging or a relaxing walk in the large gardens of the marina which wants to be a green eco-friendly structure.

For further information and prices you can visit the marina's website, where a practical calculator will provide you with daily and monthly fees