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Vital intersection of the marine traffic for centuries, Athens and its ports are still now a very popular destination among yachtsmen sailing Greek coasts in summer. Whether it's the only choice or a precise will, the choise to stop near Athens must be made carefully.

First of all, because any manoeuvre in the sea area of Athens requires much attention and caution. Traffic is really intense, in almost all seasons, and ruled by a TSS (Traffic Separation Scheme): there are big ships sailing from and to Piraeus, yachtsmen and many tourist ferries and hydrofoils which can reach even 30 knots.

Alimos Marina is one among the marinas existing in the area of Athens, located near Alimos, south-east of the city. Here, there was once the old airport of Athens and the harbour was the favourite basis of local charter companies; now, the airport has moved, many companies have followed it for the benefit of yachtsmen, of course.

Thus, approaching the marina requires a certain caution and we advise to contact the structure in advance by VHF for instructions. The entrance of the marina is signaled by some lights. It can often be annoyed by some strong northern winds. The marina is accessible 24 h/24.

The structure offers about 1000 mooring places, all equipped with mooring ropes (so, no anchor allowed), well-sheltered and easily accessible by land for eventual loading and unloading operations.

However,especially after the abandon by charter companies, the services provided are essential : electricity (not at each mooring place), water, toilets, showers and a gas station. Unfortunately, services don't seem to be high-quality; hot water in showers, for example, finishes fast.

Furthermore, many stray dogs roam the marina and this might represent a problem. Some cases of aggressions have been reported over the last few years; so be careful.

The structure offers two restaurants-bars but they seem to be very expensive. In order to find some real alternatives, we suggest you go out of the port and visit the surroundings, where you can find some taverns or fast-food restaurants.

Not far from the main entrance of the marina, there's a supermaket but, if you prefer, you can ask for a delivery directly at your dock.

Alimos Marina is well-linked to the citycentre of Athens: there's a bus stop just near the entrance. The new airport, too, (30 km far) is well-linked but on the condition you travel light: the bus line which links the port is X96 and ticket costs about 5 euros. Of course, you can take a taxi but they aren't so affordable.

Final precautions: at night, traffic becomes more intense and stray dogs, as we already said, can be insidious.

Alimos Marina has a website provided with a booking service but its latest update dates back to 10 years ago.... So, you'd better to contact the port offices for any information (they're open every day, from 8:00 to 20:00)