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Located on the north-eastern coast of Itaca Island, Kioni is the third harbour of the island and a good alternative to the "main" harbour of Vathi, even though it doesn't offer the same good shelter from eastern winds.

The harbour of Kioni is very crowded in summer by both yachtsmen and charter companies, so we recommed to arrive early if you really want to have a stop here.

Kioni is located inside a small bay, completely exposed to eastern winds, characterised by a rich vegetation of pine, olive and cypress trees. The bay is quite recognizible thanks to a little mountain and its pictureque windmills.

Entering the bay is rather easy, unless breezes blow in the afternoon causing strong streams. Depths at the entrance of the bay are about 10-12 metres.

The harbour of Koni offers a good shelter from northern and north-western winds, while eastern ones can be really annoying.

The northern quay offers 25 mooring places. The seabottom is made up of seaweeds and mud but it's safe enough, except in case of strong eastern and south-eastern winds. Depth reaches 2 metres. The small breakwater which extends from North to South, at the edge of the quay, offers few comfortable mooring places, accessible after 16:00.

The western side of the quay offers other 8 mooring places but depth there is just 1 metre, so you have to drop the anchor a little distant and throw the mooring places to the quay.

Finally, there are some small natural coves south of the bay, where you can drop the anchor rather safely, except in case of strong northern winds. There, the seabottom is made up of sand and seaweeds and it is 6-10 metre deep.

The harbour offers (pay) water, while fuel can be delivered on demand by a gast station located in the surroundings. Some cafés, taverns, restaurants and shops complete the tourist offer.

Kioni is a very picturesque village; we recommend to walk to the promontory which marks the entrance of the bay and hosts the ruins of some old windmills.