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Little less than 2,000 inhabitants, a breath-taking sea, relaxing landscapes and picturesque villages: welcome to Amorgos, the easternmost  island of the Greek Cyclades archipelago, featured in Luc Besson's movie The Big Blue.

It's a small island with a surface of about 126,000 square kilometres, with very few tourist-commercial attractions.

The northern coast hosts several small bays with wonderful sandy beaches; the southern one, on the contrary, is rich of high cliffs and it hosts the famous Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa, literally carved into the rock.

The first settlements date back to 3000 b.C, followed later by different dominations, such as the Roman and the Ottoman ones.

The main city of the island is Chora, followed by Aegiali, hosting the commercial harbour, and Katapola, the harbour generally used by yachtsmen.

But what attract tourists are not villages but the natural beauty of the island: windy, bare, mountainous, enchanting.

Reaching Amorgos is not particularly difficult but be careful because, as already said, the island is very wind, especially in summer.

The harbour of Katapola is located on the northern coast of the island, in the namesake bay, completely open on its western side.

It's an excellent shelter from almost all winds and it offers a good bottom, made up of sand and seaweeds.

To tell the truth, it's not a real harbour but just a quay.

Once arrived in Katapola, look for a mooring place at the western or southern dock but be careful not to occupy those ones reserved for ferries. Depth varies from 3 up to 5 metres.

Ferries usually arrive on Saturdays and leave on Mondays, so if you have dropped your anchor near them...you have to wait for Monday morning to sail off!

The harbour offers very few services: no gas station, no electricity and very little water, especially in July and August. However, you can find the Coast Guard's Office on the dock and ask for all information you need. The city of Kapatola, on the contrary, is rich of services: coffee bars, restaurants, internet cafés, car and moto rental service.

If you don't find a place, you can drop the anchor in Kapola Bay, just opposite the beach