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Essentially a commercial port, Katakolon has an important role in this particular geograpfical area, that of the north-western Peloponnese, since it's one among the very few ports of this strecht of coast and an excellent starting point for an excursion to Olympia, the old city known for having been the site of the Olympic Games in classical times and, now, one among the most visited and appreciated tourist attractions in Greece, with its temples, statues, religious buildings and archaelogical musuem.

But Olympia is not the only interesting destination for those who stay in Katakolon. In the surroundings, in fact, there's a wonderful castle which dates back to 1200, built by Franks during Crusades, Clermont Castle (Chlemoutsi in Greek) which overlooks the little village of Kilini, another small town which offers a harbour but exclusively reserved for ferries and cruise ships. The castle is well-preserved and it offers some wonderful sights.

Katalon itself is little more than a picturesque fishing village. It's famous just only because cruise ships stop here to allow a visit to Olympia. The village itself offers just few shops, cafés and restaurants. However, there's a rental car service, very useful if you want to visit some among the surrounding tourist attractions, also reachable by bus or taxi.

The harbour consists of two breakwaters, two small inner docks and a quay. Getting the harbour by boat is not difficult, since depth is always good, the seabottom (mud and clay) is safe and there are no particular bans or dangers.

In the whole, the harbour is excellently sheltered from north-western and southern winds thanks to the brakwater.

The quay offers water, electricity, toilets and, on demand, a mini tank to refuel.

Prices go from 15 to 25 euros according to the boat size.

As an alternative, you can drop the anchor in the wide bay of the harbour: the seabottom is 3-5 metres deep and there's enough room for everyone. Even though it's sheltered from north-western winds, the bay is completely exposed to southern ones. Needless to say, there're lots of beaches where to relax