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Located on the north-eastern edge of Itaca Island, Frikes is an appreciated port, despite all its pros and cons we're going to see.

Located in a strategic position for those who approach Itaca and far from the mass tourism flows, Frikes enjoys a pure quiet traditional atmosphere.

With no real tourist attractions, Frikes is a nice place where to relax, taste a good fish dish in one of the pictureque local taverns and enjoy the wonderful colours of the coast and sea.

Unfortunately, however, this "heaven on earth" is damaged by the intense ferries traffic coming from the village. Moreover, Frikes is more and more popular among charter companies, so the risk to spend a not real quiet night might be high in summer.

Ferries are a real problem: it seems, in fact, that they often approach too much to Frikes, by causing some insidious intense streams and waves, amplified by the typical funnel shape of the bay.

Many accidents even occured over the last few years.

Frikes doesn't offer an excellent shelter from winds, except for north-western ones.

Getting Frikes is not particularly difficult but be careful: the whole northern coast is rich of rocks. Once entered the bay, you have two possibilities.

The first is also the easiest one but it's possible only in case of no wind: to moor out of the breakwater which extends from the southern coast. There's enough room for about 10 boats (depth is 10-12 m).

In the inner side of the breakwater, on the contrary, 6-8 boats can moor laterally; depths are about 2 m and shelter is good enough. The safest mooring places are those which extend from the base of the breakwater to West, on the quay: they're just 2-3 but they are the most sheltered ones.

North of the bay, there's room for about 15 boats but these mooring places are particularly exposed to the waves caused by transiting ferries. The central part of the harbour is generally occupied by fishing boats.

We recommend to avoid the floating piers located on the north-eastern edge of the port, since they are old and unstable.

If you don't find any place, you can try north and south of the bay of Frikes, in one of the numerous natural coves. But be always careful, since the problem concerning shelter and ferries traffic is still present.

As already said, Frikes is not a typical tourist centre. Consequently, it offers no services: neither water nor fuel in the quay (but they can be delivered by the near gast station), just some supermarkets, lots of cafés and taverns...that's all