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Since it was the only village spared by the earthquake in 1953 which destoyed Cephalonia Island, Fiskardo preserves all its picturesque buildings and atmosphere. It is located in the north end of the island, offering a small but whell-sheltered port. This is the "fortune" of Fiskardo, which is the first port you meet while approaching Cephalonia from North.

Of course, because of the beauty of the village and the few mooring places available (about 25), it's difficult to find a place in high season. The port offers a good shelter from northern and north-western winds and a moderate shelter from southern and south-eastern ones.

In Fiskardo, boats can moor near the breakwater, where depth reaches about 3.5-4 metres, near the southern quay, where the seabottom is just 1-1.5 metres deep, near the western quay (2-3 m) or at the northern quay, normally reserved for ferries, but on the condition to leave by 11:00 in the morning. Please consider that, also in this case, depth doesn't overpass 1 metre.

The bottom, composed by sand and seaweeds, is good enough and it allows to drop the anchor in the northern side of the bay hosting the harbour, where depth reaches eve 10-12 metres. There, you will find some mooring rings fixed on the rocks. No services are provided to yachtsmen. You can find just some water at the local taverns, while the village offers some supermakets, a café, some taverns and a scooter rental centre.

As an alternative, you can choose Sami, a little south of Fiskardo, always on the eastern coast of the island and opposite Itaca, located 13 miles south of it. This is the main port of the eastern coast for tourist ferries sailing around the island and it offers 30-35 mooring places for yachtsmen. Well-sheltered from all winds, it is not particularly comfortable in case of strong western and north-western winds. You can drop the anchor with no problem on a muddy stable bottom. The port offers water and fuel. If you don't find any place, you can drop the anchor in any point in the southern side of the bay of Sami.

Moreover, Sami is an ideal starting point to visit Lake Melissani, also known as the "Grotto of nymphs", an underwater lake inside a grotto, partially composed by fresh water. You can also reach the hill overlooking the city and the remains of the ancient necropolis: there are not much to see but the view on the bay is breath-taking. Just few kilometres far from the town, there's the grotto of Drogarati, characterised by the presence of many stalactites and stalagmites