Port De Sète 

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Port de Sète is located on the Gulf of Lion Coast (Mediterranean France) in Hérault region.

It's a multi-purpose harbour for commercial, fishing and pleasure boats.

The marina is made up of different basins, docks and channels. It hosts 1700 mooring places, 1110 of which are located in the channels and reserved for subscribed customers.

The harbour can host boats with a maximum length of 80 metres and a draugth between 6 and 8 metres (it depends on the different mooring zones). Boats whose length is more than 50 metres can use some mobile piers and special services: this is why we suggest to inform the harbour in advance.

The dam at the entrance of the harbour offers two different entrances, at east and western. Pleasure and fishing boats can use the eastern side, while commercial boats shall use the western one.

The harbour is sheltered enough thanks to its location, between the sea and Etang du Thau but the entrance on the eastern side is not recommended in case of strong south-eastern winds.

The marina is provided with fresh water, electric charging columns, free Wi-Fi connection, toilets, showers and a waste collection area.

Port Authority produces a weather bulletin every day.

The harbour has also a yard, equipped with a crane, a travelift and a garaging area. These services are available on demand. The harbour is located just in the heart of city, close to hotels, theatres, offices, banks, restaurants, shops, public gardens, railway station and car rental stations.

The surrounding coast is rich of beaches (about 12 km), each with a wonderful view on Etang du Thau.

La Crique de la Vigie de Sète is the closest one to the city centre. It is made up of three different areas, each not equipped and under no surveillance. Little far, plage du Lazaret offers some showers and a wheelchair entrance. A little south of it, there's plage de la Corniche, about 200 metres long and divided into two different coves, well-protected from the dam, equipped with coffee bars, restaurants and a free parking lot.

Plage de la Quille is near the harbour of Quilles sur la Corniche. It's a sandy beach, well-sheltered by some dams and equipped with a wheelchair entrance, showers, toilets, shops, restaurants and a parking lot.

On the Etang de Thau banks, too, there are some beaches: plage de Balaruc les Bains is a long beach located in the namesake city, equipped with wheelchair entrances, restaurants, coffee bars and a surveillance post in summer.