Marina Punta Gabbiani 

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Aprilia Marittima is a nautical and residential service centre situated in the lagoon of Marano, 4 km far from Lignano Sabbiadoro. The well-sheltered lagoon is an excellent starting point for a cruise along Croatian coasts.

Marina Punta Gabbiani is part of the tourist complex of Aprilia Marittima and it represents the main reference point for recreational boating in the Upper Adriatic. It consists of a basin equipped with two floating piers protected by an inner breakwater. But it also includes a dry dock which can receive 300 boats ranging from 10 up to 25 m at well-equipped berths and canted piers.

The marina offers an efficient shipyard for hydraulic, electric and electronic repairs, painting, joinery, carpentry and refurbishing services. In addition to a boat repair shop, the yard is equipped with 4  travel lifts ( with a maximum range of 20, 30 and tons respectively) for launch and haulage operations.

Each berth is provided with water, electricity (up to 8 KW), satellite tv socket, Wi-Fi and pump out system. Boats from 7 to 15 m can also benefit from an alternative dry-marina service. The marina is equipped with gardens, car parks, swimming pools, jacuzzi tubs, a playground and a restaurant. We suggest to reach it during the day so that you can easily notice the buoys , signals and the right light placed on the head of the inner breakwater. Please be careful, since the mouth of the port might present some insidious sandbanks, even though the red-and-green lights at the entrance and the 2.5-metre-deep sea bottom of the port could suggest a safe landing.

The centre of Aprilia Marittima includes 3 dry docks (known as Darsena Centrale, Marina Capo Nord and Marina Punta Gabbiani) and a wide area equipped with channels, berths and terraced houses called Terra Mare Canal di Ponente. The complex also counts other residential and commercial areas. The dry docks face the lagoon of Marano Lagunare while a series of channel leads to the mouth of the port in Lignano Sabbiadoro.

The lagoon of Marano is almost exclusively fed by some resurgence rivers (Stella, Turgnano, Cormor, Zellina, Corno, Ausa, Natissa, Tiel). The area is surrounded by three regional natural reserves: the Foci dello Stella Reserve, that of Valle Cavanata and Foce dell'Isonzo.

The culinary tradition of Marano Lagunare and Collio Hills consists of excellent dishes with gnocchi, shellfish, marinated anchovies, deep-fried calamari, all accompanied by local fine wines.