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Marina Lepanto: a safe port in Friuli Venezia Giulia

Situated in the municipality of Monfalcone, in Northern Adriatic, Marina Lepanto enjoys a strategic position and represents an ideal starting point to reach Grado, Lignano, Venice, Trieste, Istria, Austria, Germany and many other destinations in Central Europe.

The marina consists of an overall area of 50,000 square metres with 220 berths, all provided with water and electric charging columns, for boats up to 25 m. The marina also includes six 75-metre-long floating piers, equipped with fingers and fenders, a fixed 240-metre quay, a 1,000-square-metre showroom, a 2,400-square-metre garaging area (9.5 m high) with specific equipment for ordinary and extraordinary boat maintenance. The shipyard of the marina is equipped with a 70-ton travel lift, a haulage and launch pool for boats up to 28x 6.9 m and a specific establishment for bottom cleaning. Moreover, the marina offers an efficient boat transport service.

Guests can also enjoy many coffee bars, car parks, hot showers, locker rooms, a swimming pool, a restaurant, an alegant club house and a converence room which can host meetings, gatherings, conferences and workshops during all the year. Parties, concerts and fashion shows can take place under the wide scenic portico and Piazza Meridiana.
Monfalcone is an important industrial centre situated at the foot of the Karst Plateau and north of the Gulf of Trieste. The so-called "Rocca" (87 m) deserves a visit, together with the small central Venetian contrada.

The sandy beaches of Monfalcone offer a low sea bottom which extends from Panzano to Staranzano baths. In particular, the beach of Marina Julia, the bathing hamlet of Monfalcone, is equipped with coffee bars, beach beds, cabins and beach resorts. The good weather conditions attract lots of wind and kite surfers. The Baths of Panzano raise on a wooded island linked to the mainland by a paved road. The beach resort includes a private beach, a coffee bar, a restaurant and a camping site.

The culinary tradition of Monfalcone counts on typical gnocchi, potato chipfel, strucoli, gulash, zikrofi, polenta, toc, strudel, sweet chifels, bread coch and apple fritters.