Marina Di Aquileia 

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An old and modern port in Friuli

On the edge of the lagoon of Grado, near the historic city of Aquileia and the remains of an acient Roman harbour, raises Marina di Aquileia, a modern marina equipped with a dry dock, 5 piers and quays which extend over a total length of 750 m. The structure can receive 300 boats up to 18 m.

The marina represents a real refitting port, equipped with a shipyard specialized in the following processes:


  • Stove enamelling
  • Motor inspections
  • Joinery
  • Boat carpentry



Boats whose draught exceeds 2 m have to pay attention in case of low tide in river Natissa; this is why it's important to follow the way marked by beacons. Sailing at night is not recommended.