Marina Di Rimini 

General Data


Dock Services


The "pearl" of the Adriatic

Situated at the mouth of River Marecchia, Marina di Rimini is one among the most beautiful and advanced marinas of the Mediterranean. The structure consists of two long quays and two docks, one of which (the eastern one) can receive both ferries and recreational boats.

The marina offers 622 berths on a body of water of over 100,000 square metres.

How to enter the port

The entrance is 55 m wide and it is accessible through the old channel port which is safe enough in any sea condition. The sea bottom has an average depth of 4 m and tide has an average variation of 63 cm, thus suitable for big boats, too.

The basin of the marina is provided with a special pump which collects a great amount of water from the sea to let it decant in a huge tank located at the entrance of the marina. Later, the water is canalized into some large pipes, placed on the sea bottom. Three powerful pumps carry 1,200 litres of water a minute into the basin in order to ensure a total renewal of water in just 72 hours.

The shipyard

The marina also includes a well-equipped shipyard able to offer high-quality interventions on boats of all kind and size. The shipyard includes a 7,000-square-metre garaging area and a overhead travelling crane for haulage and launch operations and repairs of hulls, sails and on-board equipment.



  • Port Directorate
  • Open and covered car parking lots
  • Utility rooms for on-board equipment
  • Water recirculation in the basin
  • Sewage collection
  • Technical assistance
  • 24-hour surveillance
  • Urgent care
  • Maritime Bureau
  • Coffee bar and restaurant
  • Kiosk and cigarette store
  • Diving centre
  • Charter service for sailing and motor boats
  • Fax and Internet
  • Gym and baby park
  • Laundry
  • Ice distribution
  • Transfer service from and to the railway station and the airport
  • Customer service
  • Hospitality area
  • Shopping centre, supermarket and hotel
  • ATM / Credit cards: Mastercard- American Express