Marina Di Goro 

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The marina raises inside a lagoon known as "Sacca di Goro" which protects and makes it safe from a nautical point of view. It offers 360 berths for boats with a maximum draught of 1.60 m and a maximum length og 15 m. Enlarged in 2009, the marina extends over a 15-acre surface surrounded by a filling station and a mobile crane with a maximum range of 7 tons.

After sailing towards West along the so-called "Scannone di Goro", you can easily reach the marina by setting course to North at about half a mile from the beach of Volano and entering the entrance channel ( 2.50- 3.00 m deep). Two illuminated beacons mark the beginning of a row of buoys you have to keep on your left before reaching the port, situated about 3 miles far. The basin is sheltered from both sea and sirocco by a long cliff. The lighthouse of Goro is a good reference point and it is surrounded by some nice restaurants reachable only from the river.

From there, lots of boats leave for some interesting excursions to the Po Delta Regional Park.

The "Scannone di Goro", also known as Love Island, is a 8-km patch of earth generated by the Po Delta's mouvement which extends from the Port of Goro to Lido di Volano.

On the outermost side of the Scannone, an isolated sandy strip called "Scanno", raises the lighthouse of Goro, from which start numerous paths running to the beaches.

The "Sacca di Goro" is the ideal habitat for a great amount of fish and mussel, oyster and clam cultivation. Goro, in fact, is among the first exporters of clams in the world and the Clam Festival takes place in the third weekend of July every year.